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The Kōwhai Trades Team

Kris O'Brien

Team Lead

Kia Ora, I'm Kris O'Brien, and I'm thrilled to be part of the fantastic team at Kowhai Trade Services. As a Business Development Specialist and the Kowhai Trades Team Lead, I take great pride in my role. My responsibilities as a business development specialist involve forging strong connections with clients, exploring new opportunities, and driving growth for our organisation.

Though I've only recently joined the team, my background in the trades and my expertise in emergency management, operations, and logistics have already proven valuable assets. I've got a reputation for being well-organised and possessing a keen sense of humour, making work enjoyable for myself and those around me.

I'm genuinely excited to be part of the Kowhai family, and I'm eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to not only help our team flourish but also to assist other trade businesses in creating exceptional working environments.

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Sam Dudek

Facilitator and Counsellor

Hey, I'm Sam Dudek, and I take great pride in my roles as a Co-Founder, Facilitator, and Counsellor here at Kōwhai Trade Services. I've been passionately committed to empowering businesses like yours to thrive in well-being and cultivate dynamic team culture.

As a highly skilled counsellor and an expert in restorative mediation, my mission is to ignite positive change within your organisation. With a background in teaching, psychology and counselling, I'm driven to unleash the untapped potential of individuals and teams. My focus is on fostering robust relationships and inspiring transformative growth.

At Kōwhai Trade Services, we strongly believe in building a united and harmonious community, and I'm humbled to be at the forefront of this vision. Let's connect and embark on a collaborative journey towards a brighter future. Together, we'll create an inspired and invigorating experience in the world of trade services. 

Stephanie O'Brien

Facilitator and Counsellor

Kia Ora, I'm Stephanie O'Brien, and from the very inception of our business, I've been on this incredible business journey, and it's been nothing short of rewarding. My diverse roles include facilitating workshops, leading mediations, and providing essential counselling services as part of our EAP offerings.

As a trained counsellor and a specialist in restorative mediation, my mission is to positively impact the lives of all clients we work with With a background in neuroscience and teaching, I'm driven to uncover the best ways to promote wellbeing and create a nurturing environment for everyone.

At Kowhai Trade Services, I find immense joy in fostering a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and positivity. By prioritising the well-being of the teams we work with, we cultivate an environment where creativity and productivity thrive. Together, we're building a business and a supportive community.

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Meet our esteemed facilitators, Sam, Steph and Kris! With over two decades of experience in teaching psychology, they have honed their skills in understanding human behaviour and communication patterns. Their expertise in the field has allowed them to effortlessly transition into facilitating workshops, where they now share their insights and knowledge with eager learners from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to their expertise in teaching psychology, Sam and Steph are experienced coaches and mentors who focus on supporting individuals' mental health using psychological theory. Their deep understanding of human behaviour and communication guides individuals and teams towards better mental and emotional health, helping them overcome personal and professional challenges, achieve their goals, and unlock their full potential.

Drawing on their experience in teaching psychology, Sam and Steph have developed courses aimed at developing and supporting leadership skills, building team cultures, and creating psychologically safe workplaces. Their workshops are thoughtfully designed to foster positive workplace cultures, improve communication and collaboration, and promote mental and emotional well-being.

Their dedication to supporting others and their wealth of experience and expertise make Sam and Steph valuable assets to any organisation looking to create a supportive, inclusive, and healthy work environment. Whether you are looking to upskill your workforce, improve team dynamics, or support employee wellbeing, Sam and Steph have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.


Provisional Members Registered with NZAC 

Contact Information

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Phone number: 021535707
Head Office: 32 Somes Crescent, Newlands, Wellington 6037, New Zealand
We are always happy to answer your questions. If you happen to contact us outside of our business hours, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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