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Navigating Workplace Relationships and Leading with Empathy Training Programme

How can you develop your professional relationships to succeed in the workplace? We recognise that strong professional relationships and empathy for your colleagues are essential for a positive working environment. This workshop has been designed to promote the development of skills for positive relationships in the workplace. 


Within the navigating workplace relationship programme, there are four separate workshops:

developing positive relationships in the workplace

Developing Positive Relationships in the Workplace. Developing strong professional relationships takes time and effort, but they are essential for success in the workplace. With a focus on whakawhanaungatanga, these sessions examine the factors that enhance and affect workplace relationships. Recognising the benefits of social capital, we explore the principle for positive relationship building and strategies for effective collaboration and teamwork.

Minimising the opportunity for conflict in employees

Minimising the Opportunity for Conflict. There is always the potential for confrontation in the workplace. When there is stress, exhaustion, and passion, conflict may loom. Conflict at work can undermine teamwork, foster a toxic workplace, and have an adverse effect on staff members' mental health. This programme seeks to reduce or prevent workplace conflict through good communication techniques, such as how to handle challenging conversations.

Utilising Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Utilising Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. Emotional intelligence can be overlooked in the workplace when we have a focus on goals or targets. However, it is essential in any role that includes teamwork. Within this session, we explore the key models of emotional intelligence and learn how they fit in the workplace. We will use these models to develop strategies to build up our emotional intelligence and foster it in others.

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict

How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts. Being a leader and encountering conflict comes hand in hand. It is natural to want to avoid conflict, but it doesn't go away, and often when ignored, can cause negative feelings to fester within a team. Recognising conflict on the horizon can be key in preventing or limiting the impact of conflict. This session works with leaders to develop skills in recognising how conflict develops, reflect on our behaviours during conflict and develop strategies to prevent or resolve conflict when it occurs.

Each workshop within this programme is delivered in a 2-hour session for up to 15 people  - $1,500 plus GST per session. For a package with more than one session or in combination with a webinar, please get in touch with KTS for pricing.

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we work with clients across New Zealand with our office based in Wellington

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