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Leadership Mentoring Programme

At KTS we realise that change is a journey. Within the workshop sessions, we support employees in adopting new thinking or behaviours, and it can take time and require additional support to implement. In addition to workshops, we offer a mentoring service to provide one-on-one support for change, professional growth or working through challenging situations. In these sessions, we work with leaders to explore the situations they are working through and the changes they need to make. We support the leader through collaboration in developing strategies or tools to achieve their goals. These sessions are led by the employee in content, timing and medium to provide a productive environment for change.

Leadership Mentoring Programme

Motivating Teams

Supporting a psychologically safe environment

Leading the way through conflict

Developing positive relationships

What does the mentoring look like?

  • The mentoring programme provides the employee with a block of 12 hours of one-to-one support.

  • Mentoring is organised by the employee at times and in mediums that suit their needs. 

  • The mentoring content and delivery are shaped by the individual employee’s requirements and preferences.

  • Specific tools and strategies are developed in collaboration with the leader to support the individual’s situation.


For more information about the mentoring programme and the packages on offer, please contact KTS.

At Kōwhai Therapeutic Services we work with clients across New Zealand with our office based in Wellington

Contact Information

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9.00 am - 7.00 pm

Phone number: 0273652568


Address: 32 Somes Crescent, Newlands, Wellington 6037, New Zealand

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