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Building a Resilient Team / Workforce Training Programme

Do you have the skills to overcome challenges in the workplace? Employees across the world face challenges. However, not every employee will recover in the same way. Resilience is defined as a person's ability to adapt and overcome a setback; this is one of the characteristics of a successful person. The fascinating aspect of resilience is that it is a learned skill. Resilience, like any other skill, can be taught with practice. This workshop can be aimed at employees to help increase their resilience or for team leaders to explore and increase resiliency in their team.


Within the building a resilient team programme, there are three separate workshops:

Working as a resilient team member

Working as a Resilient Team Member. A resilient team member can monitor themselves, recognise when circumstances are changing, and recover when things don't go according to plan. This workshop has been carefully designed to help you become that resilient team member and be the best version of yourself at any given time. We work together to create techniques for identifying your emotional lows as soon as they occur, exploring how we think during difficult times, and managing our actions to rise to the challenges.

leadership resiliency

Leadership Resiliency. Resiliency is the foundation of a great leader. The ability to bounce back when you or your team has experienced set back is essential for creating a positive work culture and meeting goals. Within this course, we will examine resiliency theories to develop the strategies and tools to support ourselves and others. Additionally, we developed a communication tool kit to help connect and support others in our team when set back have occurred.

How to Create a Resilient Team. Managing our resiliency is one thing, but how do we create a team environment that will support our member’s resilience? Through these sessions, we use CBT techniques as strategies to examine how our team members react to challenges and explore the thought processes that shape these behaviours. Moving forward, we work to develop a toolkit for creating a resilient culture in your team and your role as a leader in supporting bounce back. Additionally, we examine the systems you could implement to debrief after overcoming high pressures and celebrate the end of challenging workplace situations.

Each workshop within this programme is delivered in a 2-hour session for up to 15 people  - $1,500 plus GST per session. For a package with more than one session or in combination with a webinar, please get in touch with KTS for pricing.

how to create a resilient team

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